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I’m Brian Davis, and this website is dedicated to my creative pursuits: music production, homebrewing, writing and more.

Music Production
I work primarily with music production software such as Reason and Ableton Live, but am looking to expand my repertoire into more classic instrumentation and live performance. I occasionally contribute to websites such as VGMix, and have produced soundtracks for some small indie game releases. Please contact me if you’re interested in collaborating, or would like to use my work for a project.

I’ve been homebrewing beer for a few years now, and am currently attending the Siebel Institute to take on brewing as a career. I “release” my homebrews under the moniker of Highbrau Brewing, drawing inspiration from my favorite literature to name my beers. There’s not a style of beer I don’t enjoy, and every style and technique is fair game when it comes to designing, creating and (of course) drinking beer.

You can contact me at ubik235_@gmail._com – remove the underscores, of course.

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