News and Updates

August 18 2010-  In Utter Darkness released. Techno arrangement of music from the NES game Ninja Gaiden II.

    Also, the brewing webpage is being updated on a regular basis with each new homebrew.

January 27 2010-  New website design released.

December 24 2009- 
Impressions of the recent "Distant Worlds" concert published at
Read the full article here.

February 16 2009-  The album Where Flowers Rust released! Thirteen tracks of goodness.

February 4, 2009-  Beyond the Zero released. A four-part ambient song incorporating spoken word written by me and performed by Liz Pearse. The text for the song can be found here.

January 11, 2009- 
Black Iron Tide released. More drum & bass, inspired by the indie game Eversion.

November 24, 2008-  One Hundred Thousand Hours released. Drum & bass.

September 21, 2008-  Where Flowers Rust released. Beat-heavy electronic.

August 20, 2008-  Omnia Extares released. Oldschool-styled electro/techno.

May 3, 2008-  Internal Combustion Martyr released. Harsh, heavy drum & bass.

April 23, 2008-  Emerge released. Electronic music heavily inspired and influenced by the indie game Aquaria.

March 25, 2008-  The Secret Weapon of Income Tax Dance Party released. Stupid happy hardcore-ish dance music done on a lark. 345 1 8!

March 20, 2008-  New website design released.

March 6, 2008-  Article covering the Distant Worlds concert released at Read the full article here!

February 24, 2008 - Panthalassa released! Ambient influenced by the likes of Global Communication.

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