I'm Julia, aka Ubik, and this website is dedicated to my creative pursuits: music production, homebrewing, writing and more.

Music Production

I studied music from a young age, but became active in music production when introduced to the demoscene and software such as Impulse Tracker. I work primarily with production software such as Reason and Ableton Live, but am looking to expand my repertoire into more classic instrumentation and live performance. I occasionally contribute to video game remix sites, and have produced soundtracks for some small indie game releases. Please contact me if you're interested in collaborating, or would like to use my work for a project.


I've been homebrewing since 2008, and entered the professional brewing industry in 2011. I currently work at the new Lagunitas Brewing Company plant in Chicago, but previously worked for Goose Island Beer Company in Chicago and Søgaards Bryghus in Aalborg, Denmark. I still homebrew despite making beer for a living, and enjoy bridging the spaces between traditional styles and modern experimentation. There's not a style of beer I don't enjoy, and every style and technique is fair game when it comes to designing, creating and (of course) drinking beer.


You can contact me at ubik235_@_gmail_._com - remove the underscores, of course.
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