#mod_shrine Compo Tracks

I started out producing electronic music through the demoscene community, using tools such as the reknowned Impulse Tracker, back in 1996. I've since moved on to using more professional tools, but I still like returning to my demoscene roots. I frequent the #mod_shrine IRC channel, and participate in their fairly regular one-hour compos, or OHCs. Whomever holds the compo makes a sample pack, and the participants have to compose a track using those samples in an hour. Afterwards, everybody synclistens to the songs and votes on their favorites. I can't hold a candle to such living legends as reduz and virt, but the compos are always fun and I think I've created some decent music in them.

A ZIP file of all my OHC entries can be found here. You'll need to use a tracker such as Scream Tracker or milkytracker to listen to them. WinAmp will play these files, but their accuracy cannot be guaranteed. My personal favorites are below in MP3 format.

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